How to Get the Best Rates on Car Insurance in Surrency, GA
How to Get the Best Rates on Car Insurance in Surrency, GA
Surrency Georgia car insurance

There are many benefits to having more than the state-mandated minimum auto insurance coverage in Georgia. Not only will you have more protection in case of an accident, but you'll also save money and time. Carrying only the minimum coverage is a risky choice, and it may even leave you uninsured. Even though the liability limits in Georgia are higher than those in other states, it's not enough to ensure adequate protection, as medical expenses can mount quickly if you or someone else is hurt in a wreck.


There are several ways to save money on your Georgia car insurance policy. First, make sure you have the right coverage levels. In Georgia, you must have a minimum amount of coverage in case of an accident. If you're not covered enough, you could be personally responsible for damages. You should also consider adding more coverage options. Age and gender are also factors that may affect your rates.

Another way to lower your premiums is to get married. Insurers in Surrency will often give you a discount on your car insurance policy if you're married. Couples can save an average of $137 by registering for a policy together. However, insurance prices will tend to be higher if you live in the northern part of the state.

Another way to save money on your car insurance is to look for a company that offers discounts for having a clean driving record. You may also qualify for lower rates if you have a clean driving record and a good credit score. Finally, be sure to get a quote from more than one company before choosing the right policy.

The average home value in Surrency, GA is $67,200, which is 0.292 times lower than the national average. Surrency has a higher than average homeownership rate (81.4%), making it an ideal place to purchase a car. Most residents in Surrency live alone and commute to work alone. They have an average commute time of 20 minutes. And it's estimated that 1 out of every five people in Surrency, GA own a car.


Gender of Surrency is a factor that many insurance companies use to set your car insurance rates. Depending on the age and gender of the driver, auto insurance rates can increase or decrease. While most states allow insurers to use this information to set rates, there are some states that do not. Insurers will base their rates on several factors, including your driving record and location. Some states also have laws that require insurance companies to offer unisex car insurance rates.

Gender of Surrency insurance policies can be a good option for a Georgia driver who is male or female. Male drivers are considered more risky than females, with fatal crash rates that are almost three times higher than female drivers. Because of this, male drivers are often placed in a higher rate slot. It's important to keep in mind that each auto insurer's underwriting department has its own rules for determining a driver's gender.

Marital status

The percentage of Surrency residents that are hispanic is 8.58%. Surrency is also home to a large population of Gulf War veterans from the 1990s. The median household income in Surrency, GA is $28,269, and the percentage of residents who are foreign-born is 0.66%.

The median property value in Surrency, GA is $67,200 in 2020. This is 0.292 times smaller than the national average. Surrency, GA homeowners own their homes. The average household has one car. The median commute time is 20 minutes. People in Surrency, GA typically drive alone.

Census data on Surrency Georgia residents shows that women earn more than men. In fact, the median income in Surrency is nearly $12,000 less than the national average. The most common occupations in Surrency are Office & Administrative Support and Manufacturing. The least common occupation is Retail Trade.

Marital status has a significant impact on auto insurance premiums. Insurers assign rates based on risk, and married people are considered to be more financially stable. As a result, their premiums are lower than single drivers. Moreover, married people may be eligible for additional discounts if they have more than one vehicle. However, the cost of auto insurance is expected to increase through 2022.

Driving background

When applying for car insurance in Surrency, GA, you should know how to check if you are insurable. This will help you get the best rate and coverage for your vehicle. First, you should know how many people live in Surrency. The city has a population of 303 people. This is lower than the national average, but not by much. The median household income in Surrency is $28,269.

When looking for Surrency Georgia car insurance, make sure to check your driving record. If you have a history of traffic violations, this will raise your premium. Insurers look at the last three to five years of your record. A single speeding ticket can raise your premium by 25%.


Insurance costs in Surrency range from $104 to $1701 a year, but there are several factors to consider. While people in the Northeast tend to pay more, those in the south tend to pay less. If you are planning to drive a car in Surrency, you should consider the cost of car insurance before purchasing it.

Georgia is a state that requires motorists to have car insurance. Georgia's minimum car insurance policy requires drivers to have at least liability coverage of $25,000 per person and $50,000 per accident. This coverage is necessary for your safety and the safety of other road users, so it is crucial to have an adequate amount of coverage.

The median home value in Surrency, GA was $67,200 in 2020, which is 0.292 times smaller than the national average. The homeownership rate was 81.4%, higher than the national average. Moreover, most Surrency residents drove alone to work, with the average commute time of 20.7 minutes.

The cost of car insurance in Georgia varies based on the level of coverage you need. Typically, drivers under 25 pay a higher premium than drivers in their twenties. However, a young driver in Georgia can still find affordable insurance by shopping around. A minimum liability coverage policy in Georgia will cost around $1,200 a year.